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Heronbridge is a long-only, value-biased equity investment management boutique, dedicated to providing first-class investment management services to Institutional and Charity clients in the UK, the US and elsewhere. Founded in November 2005, we are a small, focused, independent firm, controlled by its working partners.

We co-invest alongside our clients in order to ensure the alignment of our interests and believe that, by imposing a cap on the assets we manage and implementing the following approach, we will achieve our aim of materially outpacing inflation over the long term:

  • We invest in companies with reference to their investment merits, not with respect to their size in a particular market index. Our universe comprises UK-listed companies larger than £100m, the UK being a deep and internationally-diversified market;
  • We think as owners of businesses and focus on growing the portfolio’s underlying earnings power, in the expectation that stock prices will, over time, reflect that growth;
  • We identify attractive investments by carrying out our own in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, looking to understand companies rather than predict their short-term price movements.